Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Jewelry Box Staples for the Everyday Fashionista

If you are a true romantic like me, then you would’ve watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn.  She stares every morning into the beautiful windows of Tiffany’s, admiring the beauty of the small, yet tantalizing jewelry.  Or if not, maybe you caught the more recent movie "Sweet Home Alabama," where Reese Witherspoon gets engaged in a jewelry store and gets to pick out her own engagement ring.  There’s something about jewelry that just makes us feel so special. 

Last week, I was able to live out my fantasy of going shopping and playing dress up in the beautiful family owned store, Hamilton Jewelers in Princeton, NJ.  Hamilton Jewelers has been around for 4 generations of the Siegel family.  They currently have 3 stores, one in Princeton, NJ and 2 others in the Palm Beach, FL area.  They also have a sister store called H1912 in Princeton, NJ.  

When I say it was a dream, it literally was a dream.  You have your counter of David Yurman goodness.  On the other side, the Rolex counter stood prominently in the sunshine reflecting light off their beautiful dials.   But directly in the middle of the store was their own in house line of Hamilton jewelry. Each glass counter was better than the last.  All so eye catching, yet perfect for everyday.  

I was on the hunt for the perfect piece.  Fine jewelry is timeless and perfect celebratory gifts for the special occasions in our lives.  Whether it’s a push present, a gift for ourselves after landing our dream job or client, a promotion, an anniversary present, a mother’s day present, a reward for losing that unwanted weight, or a just because present, it’s the perfect investment piece.  To me, that’s key.  If I’m going to spend money on an expensive item, my return on investment better be worth it.  I usually spend my money on pieces that I will wear everyday.  

So I as I looked around, I looked for the perfect staples that every girl should have for her jewelry box. 

1) Arm party – there is an art to perfecting your arm party.  Luckily I had Lauren who was so great in choosing bracelets of different shapes and textures that worked so well together.  

We put together bangles, single stone bracelets, and more.  Bracelets are great to layer with a watch and add that finishing touch to your overall look.

2) Rings – you need both a statement ring and a thin single layer ring to add that street style cool factor.  I love a glam look so I personally wear big rings everyday.  But if that’s not your thing then 100% you need stackable rings like this that you can wear on different fingers, or stack together.  

How cool is this fresh take on the metal?  They are titanium.  So great for a more laid back look.  Or if you want to dress it up, layer it with a gold ring. 

3) Earrings – I’m one of those people that feel naked without earrings.  I wear my studs everywhere, even in the shower and to the gym.  Invest in good studs that you can wear anywhere.  Even if you are in sweats they really dress you up and elevate your look.  

Statement earrings are all the rage this season.  I just had to try on these filigree earrings.  They had an art deco 1920’s kind of vibe to them.  

4) Necklaces – invest in good layering pieces.  This way the dressier you want to get, the more pieces you can layer.  These are from Hamilton’s newer collection and I’m obsessed!

5) Special pieces – finally, choose pieces that speak to you!  

 I cannot get this amethyst ring out of my mind.  

Jewelry is one of those things you look at everyday and remember the feeling you had when you first received it.  It elevates your endorphins and just makes you feel happier.  So if it has that positive effect on you, I say, why not ;) 

If you are in NJ, I highly recommend visiting their beautiful store front.  Its located in the charming quaint town of Princeton.  Their team is amazing and the jewelry just has to be seen in person.  Incase you are not, many of their styles are available online here

Thank you Ayzia and Felicia for such a fun time there at Hamilton Jewelers.  You can truly feel the pride you all hold for the brand.  I will definitely be back for more!

Huge thank you to Alex DeDios for all of the beautiful shots from my visit to Hamilton Jewelers.  I wish you all could see his attention to detail which we joke is both a curse and blessing.  Its an honor to work with so much talent.

Stay tuned for more New Jersey adventures.  Xoxo,  Karen

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Salt Breeze Spa x Paris and a Latte

It’s amazing the camaraderie that forms when you bring a group of #bossbabes together for a night of fun and wellness.  I was lucky enough to experience the services at Salt Breeze, a Salt Therapy Spa in Fairlawn, NJ.  I was new to the concept of Salt Therapy, otherwise known as halotherapy.  

The owner, Oksana, was very informative and explained that it dated back to primitive times in the natural salt caves in Eastern Europe.  The workers in these salt mines seemed to suffer from less respiratory problems, they had great skin, and many other benefits.  Their salt therapy spa mimics this where a humidifier blows out pharmaceutical grade salt into the air as you sit and relax for a 45 minute session.  It helps with acute and chronic respiratory and skin issues.

I loved my experience so much I wanted to share it with the world.  We invited a few local influencers to share the salt therapy experience.  But we wanted it to be an overall experience complete with wellness speakers, delicious sips and bites and of course, fun gifts to leave home with. 
I couldn’t have asked for a better event.  Brianna, the Creative Director at Salt Breeze is so talented in her event design vision.  Picture rose gold accents everywhere.  It was Instagram worthy for sure.  I loved each and every one of our guests.  They are all so talented in their own right and are doing big things here in NJ.  Its amazing how they all came to support a local business. 

We had 2 amazing speakers, Mary Massey, an entrepreneur and fitness/wellness coach, and Denise Schwendemen, an expert on essential oils by Doterra.  Both shared their personal stories and how they got to where they are today.  All of us could definitely relate to the emotional aspects of their lives and we all agreed that its those trying times that help us learn and grow stronger. 

The whole event was documented by the talented photography team, Lindsay and Laney, otherwise known as Lena Grae Photography.  They are so talented and all of the pics in this post have to be credited to them.  They are amazing and so easy to work with.  They truly captured the energy and emotion from our Women, Wine, and Wellness event. 

All of our guests left with big, and I mean big, bags of goodies.  We had a “create your own gift bag” station where all the ladies could pick the items that they wanted for their VIP bag.  We have so many people to thank for their amazing gifts.  PartakeFoods, Trebabes Boutique, Salt Breeze NJ, Get Salted, Mary Massey, Denise forDoterra, JusSparkle, Isagenix, The Body ImageHealth Stop NJ,  NCLA, Measurable Difference.  Huge thank you to our sponsors. 

I thank my lucky stars every day for being able to do what I do.  I’ve been here in NJ for 7 months and I love that I’ve met some of the most amazing people. Social media, especially, is a world that not a lot of people can relate to.  So when you meet people who understand your world, its such a breath of fresh air.  I love helping small businesses and bringing people together.  Check out some of the events I’ve put together in the past for Henri Bendel at the Mall of America in MN and Halcyon Brasserie in Montclair, NJ. 

Stay warm everyone!  Xoxo, Karen