Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Modern Boyfriend Jean

Hallelujah!!  I found the best boyfriend jeans for curvy girls!  I've always loved the relaxed look of  the boyfriend jean, but I never even allowed myself to try them on because i just knew it would look horrible on me.  I'm only 5'3" and I'm curvy.  I was at the mall shopping with my girlfriends recently and we went into the Madewell store.  That's where I saw the sign: Slim Boyfriend jean.  It was literally calling my name.  It might as well have been lit up like Marquee lights.  I beelined for them and tried them on.  It was literally love at first sight.  Its not as baggy as the normal boyfriend jean but it still had that easy look.  It was perfect around my thighs.  It had a little bit higher rise so this covered love handles or potential muffin tops. I started daydreaming about my future outfits: casual looks with my white converse sneakers and a grey v neck tee, dressier outfits with heels and a crisp tuxedo blazer.  My heels!  They literally sit in my closet because I don't have enough functions to wear them to.  But with these jeans i could wear my heels everyday without looking too stuffy.  It was a little pricey but you know, I've been living in them so its so worth it.  So if you've been looking for a great pair of more flattering boyfriend jeans - you must try the Madewell ones on.  I did try the Loft relaxed skinny and HM's girlfriend fit and they are great lower priced alternatives.  Their rise is a little bit lower so its not so forgiving with the love handles.  But if this isn't a problem then check them out!  Your closet potential will increase significantly.  

Enjoy!!!!! Love, Karen

Monday, February 23, 2015

Closet Staple - Striped turtleneck

I have been living in a my striped turtlenecks this season . I have it in quite a few colors and it really transforms well in any outfit because its so great for layering.  It adds dimension to neutral outfits without adding bulkiness or distraction.  Here are some great options to pair/style this closet staple with.

This turtleneck can be found in a variety of colorways for a great price here. And would look great paired with these:

Here are some great looks by some of my fav's:

Paired with a great blazer and a leapard clutch  - Hello Fashion Blog

Layered under a chunky cable sweater paired with boyfriend jeans and some killer heels: Atlantic- Pacific

Monday, February 16, 2015

Romantic Shoot

In the wake of Valentine's Day, i wanted to post pictures from a shoot Olivia Palermo did for "Brides Magazine" for the summer issue last year.  I am absolutely in love with the styling, the blush colors, the beautiful scenery in the background, the hair and makeup, everything.  So dreamy right?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday inspiration

Happy Monday, loves!  Here's some Monday inspiration.  Surround yourself with people who love, inspire, and encourage you as a person.  Evaluate your world and make sure you are constantly surrounded by, as Kelly Cutrone would say it, "your tribe."   Think about those people in your life who are always backing you up, always encouraging you to follow your dreams, those who hold you accountable for obtaining those goals, and those who sincerely want to see you happy.  Those are the people you should hold close.

Love, Karen

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Planner Inspiration

So my new infatuation for 2015 is decorating my planner.  Up until now, i have relied on my phone's calendar and several pads of post it notes to keep myself organized.  But at the end of last year i told myself i would work on my self organization.  So I bought a cute planner from Target and I thought i was set.  Until i was introduced to the unknown world of decorating your planner.  YouTube star, Belinda Selene is well known for posting a lot of content on decorating your planner with different colored post its, washi tape, stickers, etc.  While i don't necessarily want to go all out, I did think it would be cute to post inspirational quotes or pictures that would keep me happy or keep me motivated throughout the year.  So I went on Pinterest and looked up pretty pictures to put on my own mood board.  I printed these on white labels and stuck them on my planner.  And there you have it - your own personalized planner :) Incase you've never heard of this phenomenon before, go on instagram and look up #planneraddict.  You would be surprised at how far people go! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Designer look for less: Carrie's blue Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes

We've all been in love with Carrie's blue Manolo's from her wedding day in Sex and the City.  And seeing Olivia Palermo wear it for her wedding pictures just fed our obsession even more.   Whether its the romantic symbolism behind it or our plain old love for fashion and a beautiful shoe, it's one of the most coveted shoes in the world.  Unfortunately it comes with a steep price. If you have a grand to spare, you can get it here.  Or if you're like me and need a more reasonably priced alternative, i found a great version by Audrey Brooke called the Sarah pump.
Audrey Brooke Sarah pump avail here

 Its absolutely beautiful and still conjures up images of this in my head:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Olivia Palermo - Look for Less

Olivia Palermo's effortless style is impeccable, but the best part of her looks is that you probably own most of the things she wears. You'd have to invest in a few key statement pieces, but other than that you can recreate her look for a fraction of the price.

Total cost for this whole look: $205
Cost for Olivia's shoes alone: $500 (Manolo Blahnik Amielia pump)

PS - if you don't have most of these items in your closet - you should - they're staples that you can use everyday to recreate different looks.  Invest in a good pair of skinny jeans with a hint of destruction, invest in a good white collared button down shirt, invest in a good pair of printed pumps, and every girl's closet needs some fur.  

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Paris in 48 hours

Spending 48 hours in Paris with my love was one of the most exhilarating, exciting, and most memorable trips of my life.  My pictures don't do the magic of that beautiful city justice. 

First view of the Eiffel tower once we came out of the metro.

Hotel Duquesne Eiffel -  lobby

The Louvre
Grande Roue - closeup

Grande Roue - view from the Tulleries Gardens

View from our hotel window

Galeries Lafayette

Beautiful details

Eiffel Tower

Fontaines de la Concorde

Rue Montaigne


Eiffel tower by night

French breakfast of croissants and cafe crema

Charles de Gaulle Airport

Merry Go Round in front of the Trocadero

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Victoria's Secret Haul - Semi-Annual Sale 2015

I can't even begin to explain the beautiful goodies i found at this year's semi-annual sale.  And the prices were unbeatable.  Here are a few shots of what I made out with.  Hope you get to snag some of these pretty little things too!! I'd love to see your hauls too! Comment below if you found some beautiful items. <3

Unlined lace bras $12.99 each - originally $56

Baby pink lace bralette $1.99 

Padded lace bras $19.99 originally $56

Sexy underwear $4.99 each

Beautiful detailing