Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Day with Maggy

 New York City, the city of a thousand dreams, the city of Carrie Bradshaw and the lifestyle every girl dreams of. I can't believe I stayed away for 10 years! I love every time i go into the city. I was floored when Maggy London, the designer known for their beautiful dresses, asked me to spend #aDaywithMaggy. I was able to visit their showroom and see their up and coming designs for both their Maggy London and London Times lines. The sight of rolls and rolls of luxe fabrics that filled their rooms from the floor to the ceilings to origami mini models of their designs, it was literally a dream. I come from a production background so I could totally appreciate the luxury of having an in house sample room.

After the tour and chatting with their fun e-commerce and PR team (shout out to Via, Shannon, Rachel, Hannah, Karen) we made our way to Bryant Park and the New York Public Library. There I got to shoot 3 looks - 3 dresses from their petite line. All of these dresses were different looks yet all hugged my curves in the right areas. Dresses are always tough for me because I'm bottom heavy and not as large on top. With these A-line silhouettes they were so flattering. It was fun styling them for fall. All of these dresses pack well too! I carried them into the city and they were wrinkle free which is a plus in my book.

Imagine the excitement of walking to the edge of Bryant Park where half the shot is calmness with greenery and trees and the other half is craziness with yellow taxis and cars zooming past. It was the quintessential shot that everyone dreams of getting - huge skyscrapers in the background with bonus points for catching a yellow cab in the back. Me, a micro influencer getting photographed by a clothing brand, with a legit camera instead of the Iphone 7 plus that my Instagram hubby uses, complete with a huge round reflector. Like - what??

This was a low key shoot with their team but for me - what a dream! I had to change outfits and looked for a restroom inside the public library. When i went in, of course my head-space went straight to visions of Carrie Bradshaw in her Vivienne Westwood dress with huge blue feathers adorning her head, dropping the cell phone as Mr. Big told her he needed reassurance. Ahh! The interior was so surreal with a grand staircase, beautiful windows letting in just the right amount of sunlight, arched doorways and vaulted ceilings. I was on cloud 9.

I kept thinking to myself - how lucky am I????? I'm back home. I'm back in the city i love. I'm doing what I love, creating content, and working with my first love of fashion. And they chose me to shoot!! It all goes to show, that you just need to keep working on what you love, trusting the process, and trusting that your hard work will pay off in the end. I'm a big believer that your settings play a big factor in your attitude and your happiness so surround yourself with inspiring things and beings. 

Thank you so much Maggy London for working with me on 2 projects and for giving me the chance to enjoy NYC from the other side of the lens. What a treat for someone who's slowly figuring out their path. #blessed

 xoxo, Karen

Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Weekend With Maggy London and London Times

Buongiorno loves!!  We are here on our last day in Italy but I wanted to share some fun news! One of my favorite brands, Maggy London, who is known for their beautiful dresses has launched a separates line under the brand, London Times!  When I think of Maggy London, I think of classic silhouettes with a twist.  Their dresses are made of impeccable quality and there's something about them that consistently flatters a woman's body.  I know the brand boasts about empowering women and helping them feel feminine and sexy.  And I'm excited to say, their separates pieces stay true to that.

I styled 3 of their beautiful blouses and paired them all with their Hunter pants.  First can we all hail the hunter pants because as someone who is 5'3" with hips that don't lie, pants are always a struggle. I was pleasantly surprised to find these pants to fit as nicely as they did.  The high rise style was very flattering and very comfortable.

The 3 blouses had a casual chic vibe that could easily transition from work wear to weekend wear.   They all had an element of something special that made these  pieces stand out.  From lace insets, to could shoulder details, to pretty paisley prints for a boho feel, they each had their own personality.
I'm excited to wear these in the fall with some good boyfriend jeans, booties, a nice floppy hat and good old pumpkin spice coffee in hand.  Or paired with a leather pencil skirt, chevron black tights, booties and a layered with a fur vest.  The possibilites are endless!

Here's a peek at my weekend at home with London Times.

The Eleanor top:

The Marlowe top:

The Delaney top:

Check out their separates and let me know your favorite pieces!!  xoxo, Karen

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Slipdress from Day to Night

By far the most used and universally flattering piece is the slipdress.  I've been wanting one for a while but haven't found "the one." That is, until I came across one on the sale racks at Banana Republic. I found a classy navy blue one with a slight wrap in the front, which is every mama's dream because, let's face it, a mama pooch is not sexy.  This dress is so simple yet so flattering (If you get it at the store it's an extra 50% off).  

I'm showing you here how you can take this same dress from day to night.

During the day, dress it down and layer it with a denim jacket.  You can even pair it with a white button down over it.  Accessorize with cool sneakers - bonus points if you have metallic ones.  

At night, keep it simple with a sleek clutch and with ankle strap shoes for minimal elegance.  

try it out!!  xoxo, Karen

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fall already???

NOT YET!!  I'm so not ready for fall to be here.  It feels like summer just started.  But alas, with July 4th celebrations past us and with the Nordstrom sale underway, the fall season is literally being thrown in our face.  I'm sure you've seen everyone's insta-stories in the Nordie's fitting rooms showing you their fav picks from the sale.  And if not, you've seen blogs with large flatlays of everyone's "must-haves" from the sale.  And if not that then you've seen everyone on Instagram flashing their Nordstrom gift card for their latest giveaways.   While I'm not ready to admit that fall is around the corner, I don't want to fight the inevitable.  So I'm showing you here some summer shorts looks that incorporate fall staple pieces on top.  It's all about increasing the longevity and usage of your pieces.  I'm showing you one of my recent looks that featuring my fav blazer from Missguided.  And I picked out more fall transition looks from the style queen herself - Sincerely Jules.  

Blazer from Missguided // distressed jean shorts from H&M // belt from Zara // bag from Chanel // shoes from Ivanka Trump

And here are inspiration pics from Sincerely Jules on more pieces you can transition from summer to fall.  So as you shop the Nordstrom sale, or any other sales that are going on (there are tons), keep these pieces in mind as you build a good foundation for your closet.

(a black biker jacket)

(a soft suede jacket)

(a utility jacket)

(a soft blazer)

(a structured oversized blazer)

xoxo, Karen

Friday, July 7, 2017

20 Closet staples you must get from the ZARA sale

Style is about knowing how to work with the items you have and putting them together in an aesthetically pleasing way.  Its not about buying every single fast fashion trend and putting them together in one shot.  It's about mixing high and low fashion and combing them into an effortless, and timeless look.  With that being said, it's so important to have a good foundation in your closet and have the essential staples that you can work with time and time again.  You want to get your return on investment on the pieces you purchase so when you buy something think about how many times you can realistically wear it.  How many outfits can you create with that one item?  

I live for the bi-annual Zara sales.  I love Zara's quality and styles and while there are so many items on my own personal wish list, I'm not sharing those with you today.  What I AM sharing are items that I believe are closet staples and that you can wear and rewear in so many different looks.  I know we all hate to admit it but fall is around the corner and fall is always our NEW YEAR for fashion.  Its a chance to rebrand ourselves and put our best fashion foot forward.  These items are the perfect pieces to transition you into fall and most of them can actually be used all throughout the fall/winter seasons with the right accessories and layers.  

Jackets - these are great transition pieces to take you from summer to fall.  They are that 3rd piece of the puzzle that makes all outfits look "stylish" (rule of 3rds).  Find blazers that have an elevated look with their buttons.  The ones I chose here are gold and pearl buttons - so classy.  A longline vest is great to pair over feminine blouses.  The large grommets make it on trend for the season.  Red is THE color for fall and as you know ruffles are in the moment so the red jacket is perfect.  Biker jackets are forever so invest in a good one that fits well.  

You really can't go wrong with any of the tops from Zara but here I chose more neutral colors that are wearable for every day but with a hint of something special.  whether its a ruffle, or lace, or a trim of fur   - all of these elevate your everyday look.  

Make sure to have at least 2 dresses in your closet that you can wear in the summer time and layer with a jacket or vest in the fall.  You can also layer them over button downed shirts for a preppy vibe.  Accordion pleated skirts are always a statement piece that are fun and flirty.  And great wide leg trousers add the chic vibe to your closet.  

Accessories are always the part of the wardrobe that I have the most fun with.  These are the items that I invest in pops of color in and that really change up your outfit.  Mustard yellow is seen everywhere this season.  I love the lavish look of velvet and think these green velvet shoes would elevate EVERY SINGLE ONE of your looks.  I chose this purse because everyone needs a good crossbody.  The light blue is a pretty color and who doesn't love a little bling.  

All of these items can be found online in the Zara sale section.  Take a look.  Reevaluate your closet and think long term instead of just for the current season and trends.  Happy shopping!!

xoxo, Karen

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cami love

Camisoles are those closet staples that you can just never get rid of.  A few years ago they were usually worn under suit sets but nowadays they are worn in a more casual way, either layered over classic white down blouses or paired with jeans and a chunky cardigan.  Or for a more dressy style you can pair them tucked into classy wide leg trousers or even culottes for the summer.  I love lace and satin so I am a HUGE fan of the fact that these pieces are back on trend.

Here is a round up of some of my favorite budget friendly cami's.

clockwise from top left:  khaki // pink // sea green // terracotta // taupe



Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mommy and me OOTD

It's rare nowadays to catch Alessa and I in matching outfits.  While the idea sounds fun, the logistics of getting it to happen are not so fun.  Alessa is at a point where she is testing her boundaries, she has an opinion of her own, and is showcasing her independence.  While it makes me proud and gives me peace of mind that she'll go far in this world, it makes it tough to accept as a mom who just wants to coddle her kids forever and have them believe that everything she says is the truth.  I don't know where my baby went but for sure the qualities that she possesses that i know will help her in life, are a parents worst nightmare.  haha.  I love her strength and her tenacity.  It's actually inspiring.  This all being said, Alessa has an opinion on what she likes to wear so she usually doesn't want to wear what i pick out for her anymore.

She surprisingly agreed to wear this red eyelet dress which I'm ecstatic about because it is just so darling.  I thought it would be fun to pair it with my red over the shoulder blouse.  We spent some time at a park in Minneapolis.  While I wish it was a field full of tulips, it was a field full of dandelions and "wishing flowers" and Alessa couldn't be happier.  She spent hours picking the wishing flowers and blew them into the air to her heart's content.  She didn't know the difference between a patch of flowers or a patch of weeds.  To her it was all beautiful.  We really could learn so much from our kids.  She doesn't discriminate.  She's easily content.  She's strong, yet sweet.  I want to be just like her someday.

Alessa's outfit details:  dress // hair bow // shoes
My outfit details:  blouse // jeans // shoes