Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cami love

Camisoles are those closet staples that you can just never get rid of.  A few years ago they were usually worn under suit sets but nowadays they are worn in a more casual way, either layered over classic white down blouses or paired with jeans and a chunky cardigan.  Or for a more dressy style you can pair them tucked into classy wide leg trousers or even culottes for the summer.  I love lace and satin so I am a HUGE fan of the fact that these pieces are back on trend.

Here is a round up of some of my favorite budget friendly cami's.

clockwise from top left:  khaki // pink // sea green // terracotta // taupe



Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mommy and me OOTD

It's rare nowadays to catch Alessa and I in matching outfits.  While the idea sounds fun, the logistics of getting it to happen are not so fun.  Alessa is at a point where she is testing her boundaries, she has an opinion of her own, and is showcasing her independence.  While it makes me proud and gives me peace of mind that she'll go far in this world, it makes it tough to accept as a mom who just wants to coddle her kids forever and have them believe that everything she says is the truth.  I don't know where my baby went but for sure the qualities that she possesses that i know will help her in life, are a parents worst nightmare.  haha.  I love her strength and her tenacity.  It's actually inspiring.  This all being said, Alessa has an opinion on what she likes to wear so she usually doesn't want to wear what i pick out for her anymore.

She surprisingly agreed to wear this red eyelet dress which I'm ecstatic about because it is just so darling.  I thought it would be fun to pair it with my red over the shoulder blouse.  We spent some time at a park in Minneapolis.  While I wish it was a field full of tulips, it was a field full of dandelions and "wishing flowers" and Alessa couldn't be happier.  She spent hours picking the wishing flowers and blew them into the air to her heart's content.  She didn't know the difference between a patch of flowers or a patch of weeds.  To her it was all beautiful.  We really could learn so much from our kids.  She doesn't discriminate.  She's easily content.  She's strong, yet sweet.  I want to be just like her someday.

Alessa's outfit details:  dress // hair bow // shoes
My outfit details:  blouse // jeans // shoes